There's no such thing as a MAGIC BUTTON, but the Moral Premise comes close. This Blog shows how to use this POWER TOOL in your Projects.
This Blog goes into Visual Learning, what it means, and helps you to identify it when you see it.
Listen in as I GO IN and take John Henrik's Challenge to Heart.
Go back in Time and experience my origin story in Hip Hop and How I became a B-Boy.
This Blog goes deep into the Spiritual Mindset I was given by my Grandmother, Alice Taylor.
This blog explores a new language, Storytelling, and its impact in Hollywood.
This blog is blunt - this is WHY I do Everything in Writing!
This blog explores the Spiritual Implications of the Heroic Journey.
This blog goes in detail about a Writer's Power Tool, The Metaphor.
This blog details your need to rise above the Haterade in your life.
This blog details my first tagline, I Fix Stories.
A New Email Service and MBC Homecoming